What is MyUI

MyUI is a JavaScript framework that provides a set of components to improve the web user experience. It was developed to be very easy to use and understand. Actually for most of the components you don't even need to have JavaScript knowledge, as they actually modify the behavior of normal HTML elements in a transparent way. Usually this is achieved by marking these elements with CSS classes or custom attributes.

MyUI Development

At the base of MyUI is a core JavaScript cross-browser framework. But this is not done by adding an extra layer on top of the current one, but instead porting the W3C standard methods (like addEventListener or removeEventListener) and properties (like style.opacity) to the non-supporting browsers. This was the preferred approach so that the learning curve to be reduced to a minimum level. Not all the standards are ported to all the non-supporting browsers, but the future intent is to.

MyUI - cross browser

So, MyUI should work on the most used browsers. What do I mean by browsers? Usually I refer to Firefox >= 2, IE >= 6 and Safari >= 3. Also Google Chrome is in the scope, but not focused on. These are practically all the browsers used on the Internet space, all others having a market share smaller than 1%. We better focus our efforts in adding new capabilities, than supporting almost unused browsers.

MyUI Documentation

One of the main cares is also directed into the documentation, which should be as short as possible, gradual, easy to understand and with enough commented examples. Before you start using MyUI, please read the following chapters from the documentation: Overview, Installation and then you can jump to a specific chapter.



If you are a web developer or a web designer, then you can help MyUI development in many ways: Just use the forum and post there how do you want to help MyUI development.

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