MyUI Fields Validation, Day Selector, Autosuggest

10 characters maximum:
3 characters minimum:
3 characters maximum, error displayed in a custom DIV
5 characters maximum, custom action on error, default action overwritten
3 characters maximum, custom error message
10 min value, focused on load:
1000 max value:
ffff max value in hex:
pattern - email, error displayed in a custom DIV
Only characters abc (small caps) are accepted
Minimum 3 options selected
Maximum 2 options selected
Date field, format dd/MM/yyyy
date selector inline
Autosuggest from the list (abc, abd, abcd, xy) with 100ms latency and max 2 suggestions
Autosuggest - custom JavaScript and 300ms latency
Autosuggest - options retrieved from an URL (text file, each on a separate line) and 300ms latency